New Members Application

The Reflection Marketing Group was set up in May 2010, by a group of ten Professional Photographers based in the South West England, they meet on a regular basis to discuss all things regarding their businesses, marketing along with running the odd promotion as a group.


April 2016 the group organised a Pet Promotion, to help raise funds for the “Dogs Trust” and provide clients for their studios, this became very popular with the public leading to booked sessions for all the studio’s, the promotions success quickly spread, meaning they had other photographers from around the UK wanting to join in and be a part of both the group and the Pet Promotion, so the “Pet Portrait Awards” was born, and up and running on a bigger stage than the founders of the group thought was possible, by July 2016 the number of members had risen to 38, covering a large part of the UK.

September 2016 the “National Portrait Awards” was introduced, which allowed the Group to run three promotions under the NPA brand, PPA, Pet Portrait Awards, CPA, Children’s Portrait Awards, and the FPA, Family Portrait Awards. All three promotions are promoted nationally, weekly and run in the same way, helping raise money for well known national charities, and providing portrait sessions for all the studio’s at a far cheaper cost then any other group/organisation charges.


August 2017, and the group has grown to 80+ members, this is enabling The RMG to look into other ways of providing booked sessions for it’s members. February 2017 the group launched it’s Baby Portrait Club, along side it’s Kids Portrait Club, both these promotions are promoted nationally weekly and provide clients for the groups members to cover sessions from newborn to 5 years old, this promotion is really taking off again with the public, as it shows the quality and service that professional photographers provides.


June 2017 saw the group enter the “online” purchased portrait sessions with Wowcher/ Living Social, after testing the market with a national offer using the “Baby Club” which was proving again to be a success, out selling other baby promotions on-line, but with lots of restrictions for the group selling vouchers with Wowcher/Living Social the group has launched it’s own online “PHOTOVOUCHER” site, where the public can purchase every style of professional photography, with studio’s covering the whole of the UK all in one place, but un-like other organisations all the leads to it’s members are FREE.


All the above has become some of the main reasons for the group, apart from all the help, experience, product discounts, the group is committed to finding the most cost effective ways of providing clients for it’s members.   

If you would like to apply to join the Reflection Marketing Group, and see if your area is available please click on the link below and fill in the form, if your area is still available somebody from the group’s committee will contact you.